in 1989, i was given a mission: to find answers to the question what is art? many years have passed, and i feel that now is the time to make the fruits of my research known.

as well as publishing my most recent findings, i will also delve into my archive and post insights that i arrived at many years ago. they will take the form of reflections expressed in words and images.
i am in contact with my employers through komisario x-bin. we communicate via skype and viber.

komisario gives me my tasks and any assistance i might need. over the years, i have collected fragments of information about who he is and where he comes from. i value this knowledge highly.
i want to publish this information, too. i will present it in italics and perhaps the reader will be able to arrange the puzzle pieces of his words into a complete image of the man.

eva-d, berlin, 2013


german-english translation by jen metcalf

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